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31/Dec/2019 Promar in the news - October - December 2019 Dairy Farmer – Looking back in order to look forwards – Emma Thompson British Dairying – Cheshire farmer wins annual Promar award – Andrew Hawkins Cow Management – Manage soils to sequester carbon and cut emissions – Tom Gill Farmers Weekly – Focus on costs for maximum margin, dairy farmers told – Neil Adams Farmers Weekly – Liquid milk sector – warning bells ring loud and clear – Promar International Farmers Guardian – Dairy profits hit by high costs – Neil Adams The Scottish Farmer – Improved efficiency key to profit – Neil Adams Dairy Farmer – Will silage in the clamp result in cash in the bank? – Emma Thompson AgriTrade News – Dairy efficiency, not yield, is key to profitability – Neil Adams British Dairying – Profits down as costs soar – Neil Adams Cow Management – System switch improves efficiency – Caroline Groves Dairy Farmer – Take a closer look at feed rate per litre – Tim Harper Dairy Farmer – Higher feed prices take toll on margins – Emma Thompson Progressive D
01/Oct/2019 Promar in the news - July - September 2019 Dairy Farmer – Performance is improving, but what about margins? – Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Now is the perfect time to start planning for winter – Nigel Davies Cow Management – Make the most of first-cut silage opportunity – Sue Bryan Cow Management – Footprint focus – Tom Gill
01/Jul/2019 Promar in the news - April - June 2019 The Fruiterers’ Company Newsletter – View from Overseas – John Giles European Fruitgrowers Market – The UK – an attractive, challenging & changing market, regardless of Brexit? – John Giles The Perishable Products Export Control Board – 10 things to do for Brexit for South African fruit exports – John Giles Fresh Produce Journal (online) – Eastern berry promise – Emma Gough Farmers Guardian – Nine habits of the most efficient dairy farmers – Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Care needed with grant form – Mark Wheeler British Dairying – Plan ahead for grant application – Mark Wheeler British Dairying – Focus on fewer priority breeding goals – Nigel Davies British Dairying – Planning business strategy – Andrew Suddes Dairy Farmer – Feed costs per litre up – Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Moving into milking – Emma Thompson British Dairying – Tackling labour productivity – Neil Adams Dairy Farmer – DIY and outsourcing are about much more than just costs – Nigel Davies
01/Apr/2019 Promar in the news - March 2019 Fresh Produce Journal – Preparing for Brexit – John Giles Produce Business UK (online) – Fresh Careers Fair secures stellar line-up of food industry experts to inspire attendees The Packer (online) – A Brexit checklist for U.S. fruit exporters Farmers Guardian – Deadline approaches for digital switchover – Tryphena James Dairy Farmer – Winning ways to evolve to meet challenges ahead – Genus Dairy Farmer - Top bulls for reducing lameness in your herd - Genus
04/Mar/2019 Promar in the news - February 2018 The Fruiterers’ Company Newsletter – View from Overseas. The Pacific Alliance – What is it all about? - John Giles Fresh Produce Journal – Seven big issues for 2019 – John Giles British Dairying – Record numbers leave dairy industry – Nigel Davies British Dairying – The VAT changes are coming. Don’t get caught out! – Promar International British Dairying – Time running out for making tax digital – Tryphena James Just Food Online – UK cheese maker Wyke Farms eyes more mature export business – Promar International Farmers Guardian – Growing maize on contract – Matt Hall British Dairying – Utilising breeding technologies – Genus Dairy Farmer – Cowmen comment – Andrew Rutter, Genus
07/Feb/2019 Promar in the news - January 2019 The Fruiterers’ Company Newsletter – View from Overseas. Indonesia – a top five economy we probably know little about - John Giles Dairy Farmer & British Dairying– The VAT changes are coming. Don’t get caught out! – Promar International British Dairying – New on-farm milk pasteuriser range – Russell Needham Crewe Chronicle – Post-Brexit trade explored in discussion – John Giles Scottish Farmer – Get ready for the big digital change over … - Krisha Burrow Oxford Farming Conference (online) – What was said @ OFC19 – John Giles University of Reading 53rd Agricultural Club Conference Programme - Connecting the Food Supply Chain – John Giles Cow Management – Contract growing to ‘expand’ forage stocks – Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Holstein sires reflect collaborative success – Genus Breeding
04/Jan/2019 Promar in the news - December 2018 SATI (South African Table Grape Industry) Technical Bulletin – What does Brexit mean for South Africa & the rest of the world – John Giles AgriTrade News – Promar warns of dairy profit challenge ahead - Nigel Davies Farmers Guardian – Tax to go online only for some businesses - Tryphena James Dairy Farmer – Are you ready to make tax digital? - Tryphena James Dairy Farmer – The VAT changes are coming. Don’t get caught out! – Promar International Dairy Farmer – How prepared are you for the future? – James Dunn Dairy Farmer – Prepare your business for challenges ahead - Nigel Davies British Dairying – Preparing dairy business for challenges ahead - James Dunn British Dairying – Preparation vital for VAT changes - Tryphena James Dale Farm View – Another busy winter fair for Dale Farm – Promar International
07/Dec/2018 Promar in the news - November 2018 Cow Management – Dynamic tests reveal poor performance of variable speed pumps - Richard Hoosan British Dairying – Future financial planning vital - Nigel Davies British Dairying – Comply with compliance – Mark Wheeler Farmers Guardian – Dairy Farmers’ profits only tell half the story - Nigel Davies Farmers Weekly – Plan early to cope with dairy profit drop - Nigel Davies Farmers Guardian – Importance of non-compliance breaches must be recognised – Mark Wheeler Scottish Farmer - Profit warning for Dairy Farmers – Nigel Davies Feed Compounder – Early planning needed to future proof dairy businesses - Nigel Davies Farm Business (Online) – Early planning needed to future proof dairy business - Nigel Davies The Farmers Mart – Plan ahead to understand cost implications - Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Women in Dairy conference – Promar International
06/Nov/2018 Promar in the news - October 2018 Eurofruit Magazine – Still delivering for the Southern Hemisphere – John Giles Farming UK (online) – Oxfordshire Farmer named Milkminder Manager of the year – James Dunn Darlington & Stockton Times – Increase in average dairy feed bills - Nigel Davies Anglia Farmer – Plan ahead to meet new ammonia rules - Tom Gill British Dairying – Committed Herd Manager drives dairy business – James Dunn & Caroline Tillner Farmers Guardian – Dutch in joint approach to delivering public goods - Promar International Farmers Weekly – How AI is helping a Welsh suckler herd – Genus RMS seasonal system
10/Aug/2018 Promar in the News - July 2018 Farmers Weekly – Ways to reduce farm ammonia emissions – Tom Gill Poultry News - Analysis: What should 2 Sisters’ new chief executive do first? – John Giles The Packer - UK retail consolidation benefits the big players – John Giles & Emma Gough
12/Jul/2018 Promar in the News - June 2018 British Dairying - £85k rise in dairy profit, predicts Promar – Nigel Davies The Scottish Farmer – Increased use of beef sires hits dairy figures – Nigel Davies Produce Business UK – The Pacific Alliance: What is it all about? – John Giles Produce Business UK - In-depth look at UK market: Why buyers can no longer expect supply to come automatically – John Giles
09/Jun/2018 Promar in the news - August 2018 Anglia Farmer – Delayed spring hits dairy margins – Nigel Davies Food & Farming Futures (online) – Dairy concentrate prices up and milk to feed price ratio down - Nigel Davies South West Farmer – Concentrate prices increase - Nigel Davies Dairy Farmer – Plan ahead to meet controls on ammonia - Tom Gill Farming UK (online) – Concentrate prices up and milk to feed price ratio down – Nigel Davies Farmers Weekly – Higher dairy returns could be wiped out by drought – Tom Gill The Scottish Farmer – Think ahead to cope with regulation - Tom Gill Shropshire Star – Calls to plan ahead to meet 2020 ammonia regulations - Tom Gill Bridgworth Journal – Farmers to ‘think ahead’ for new ammonia rules – Tom Gill South Shropshire Journal – Farmers must ‘think ahead’ for ammonia rules – Tom Gill Fresh Produce Journal – Accessing Asia – Lisa Williams Farmers Guardian – A growing market for dairy bulls - Jonathan Hill
04/Jun/2018 Promar in the News - May 2018 Farmers Guardian – Reproductive performance key to boosting cattle margins – Nigel Davies Farmers Weekly – Higher constituents maximise milk contracts – Nigel Davies The Farmers Mart – Beating Inflation on Dairy Farms – Nigel Davies Farmers Guardian – Milk price rises boost dairy profitability – Nigel Davies & Tim Harper Farmers Weekly – Use profits to prepare for rising dairy costs – Nigel Davies & Tim Harper
01/May/2018 Promar in the News - April 2018 Fresh Produce Journal – The Right Priorities – Lisa Williams Barry Wilson’s Dairy Industry Newsletter – UK Dairy Processing Investment Catches Up – Promar International
01/Mar/2018 Promar in the news - February 2018 Farmers Guardian – Efficiency drive shows dairy margins potential - Nigel Davies Dale View Farm – Promar Dairy Farmer of the year - Promar British Dairying – Data interpretation opens efficiency opportunities - Genus
02/Feb/2018 Promar in the news - January 2018 The Packer – Brexit’s effect on the UK & US – John Giles The Farmer (Shropshire) & Shropshire Star – Dairy margins up - Nigel Davies Darlington & Stockton Times – Milk increase – Nigel Davies The Grocer – A return to stability? What 2018 has in store for prices – Tim Harper The Farmer – Panel helps students - John Giles & Lizzie Bonsall Farmers Guardian – Average Milkminder herd output increases - Nigel Davies Farmers Guardian – Carbon footprint project delivers big savings on-farm – Tom Gill British Dairying – Striking difference in financial performance of top 25% of dairy herds – Nigel Davies Yellow News – Why poultry is prime for investment – John Giles Farmers Weekly – Boosted pregnancy rates – Genus
04/Jan/2018 Promar in the news - December 2017 Fresh Produce Journal – Strategies for Brexit - John Giles Dairy Industries International – Dairy price index reaches high- John Giles The Grocer – Upturn in milk prices came too late to impact bottom line – Promar Farmers Guardian – Dairy profits recover but more volatility on the horizon – Nigel Davies Newark Adviser – Aiming to help farms flourish post-Brexit - John Giles The Vegetable Farmer – Brexit, future options – John Giles British Dairying – Dairy profits down but expected to improve next year- Nigel Davies The Scottish Farmer – Promar predicts milk price fall – Lizzie Bonsall Farmers Weekly – Focus on labour & machinery costs - Nigel Davies Cow Management – Calibration is key to feeding accuracy – Richard Hooson The Scottish Farmer – Milk margins set to improve – Nigel Davies Farming Life – Latest data from Promar shows the challenge of the bottom line - Nigel Davies Darlington & Stockton Times – Dairy profits fall for average farm but outlook is optimistic – N
12/Dec/2017 Promar in the News - November 2017 British Dairying-Choosing beef sires to add to dairy farm profitability– Promar AHDB Beef & Lamb- What can the Red Meat Sector Learn from others? - John Giles Eurofruit Magazine- Getting the market balance right- John Giles Dairy Industry International – High dairy price index adds to inflationary pressure – John Giles Darlington & Stockton Times - Improvement in butterfat & protein – Nigel Davies Belfast Newsletter – Latest data from Promar shows the challenge of the bottom line - Nigel Davies Herald Scotland – Milk producers face the challenge of the bottom line - Nigel Davies Shropshire Star – Price rises too late to boost farm profits - Nigel Davies NFU – Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group Conference 2017 – Promar Dairy Farmer – More than half milk is coming from forage - James Dunn Farm Business – Influencing AD from the farmgate - Tom Gill Dairy Farmer – Retailers make move on milk price – Promar Farmers Weekly – Focus on labour & machinery costs, dairy farms urged
31/Oct/2017 Promar in the news - October 2017 The Marketplace – A heady cocktail of influences at play in the UK and International dairy sector- Lizzie Bonsall AHDB Beef & Lamb- Genetic data is the key to efficient selection- Andrew Suddes AHDB Beef & Lamb- Providing what your buyer wants...- Emma Thompson Food & Farming Futures- Meeting Farmer Jake- John Giles Produce Business- What do British producers need to be thinking about Post-Brexit? – John Giles Dairy Farmer- More than half milk is coming from forage- James Dunn Dairy Industry International- High Dairy Price Index adds to inflationary pressure- John Giles Cow Management- Award success for County Durham-based herd- James Dunn Food News- Africa can be saviour of processed tomato market- John Giles
29/Sep/2017 Promar in the news: September 2017 James Dunn- Farmers Weekly Interactive (Online)- County Durham family named Milkminder Manager of the year James Dunn- Darlington and Stockton Times- Family farm wins milk manager of the year James Dunn- Darlington and Stockton Times- Barnard Castle farmer wins Milkminder Manager of the Year Nigel Davies- Dairy Farmer- Producers must strive to boost technical efficiency Nigel Davies- The Scottish Farmer- Dairy confidence soars Nigel Davies- Farmers Weekly Interactive (Online)- Top dairy farms expand more than average ones, study shows Matt Brennan- Institute of Water- Influencing AD from the farm gate Milkminder- Feed Compounder- Future Developments in Dairy Production
31/Aug/2017 Promar in the news - August 2017 View from overseas: What is happening beyond Brexit? – John Giles
31/Jul/2017 Promar In The News - July 2017 The Northern Farmer- FAMILY-RUN FARM OF THE YEAR: Education is Key to Enterprise- Jonathan Hill and Dan Hildreth
30/Jun/2017 Promar In The News - June 2017 AgriTrade News- Food Chain Sustainability Challenged- Tom Gill Farm Business Online – New whitepaper challenges sustainability in the agri-food sector- Tom Gill The Grocer- Sustainable methods ‘vital’ to hike outputs- Matthew Brennan British Dairying – Large investment drives full review of farm system – Caroline Groves Farmers Guardian – Dairy margins recovering but uncertainty remains – Nigel Davies
27/Jan/2017 Promar In The News 27th January 2017 Feed Compounder – Appointments Neil Adams, Matt Sheehan, Nigel Davies Nigel Davies – Don’t bank on immediate turnaround in Dairy prospects. Dale Farm View – Promar Dairy Farmer of the Year Award – Fiona McGhee Dairy Farmer – Nigel Davies – It will take time for confidence to return.
13/Jan/2017 Promar In The News 13th January 2017 Agritrade – Nigel Davies – Dairy recovery will take time. Farmers Guardian – James Dunn – What the future holds for the industry.
09/Jan/2017 Promar In The News 9th January 2017 Cow Management – Andrew Suddes – Think suitability – not size. Cow Management – Nigel Davies – No immediate turnaround in prospects expected. West Country Farmer – Nigel Davies – Don’t bank on instant financial turnaround.
16/Dec/2016 Promar In The News 16th December 2016 Longer term view needed to rebuild profits
18/Nov/2016 Promar In The News 18th November 2016 British Dairying - Nigel Davies - Be clear and proactive about your cash position. British Dairying - Tom Gill - Focus on sustainability will be good for your business.
11/Nov/2016 Promar In The News 11th November 2016 Cow Management - Paul Henman/Emma Thompson -Fine tuning for a profitable future
28/Oct/2016 Promar In The News 28th October 2016 West Country Farmer – Paul Henman – Attention To Detail Drives Top Dairy Farm.
21/Oct/2016 Promar In The News 21st October 2016 British Dairying – Neil Adams – Good staff management key to successful business British Dairying –Richard Hooson – Getting the most from cake.
14/Oct/2016 Promar In The News 14th October 2016 Milk prices: Have we turned the corner?
07/Oct/2016 Promar In The News 7th October 2016 Cow Management – Emma Thompson – Time to take control. Three Counties Farmer – Caroline Groves – Adding value ‘only answer’ Women in Dairy Conference – Women in Dairy share solutions to challenges facing the sector. Farm Business – How a Cornish farm use business accounts data for benchmarking.
16/Sep/2016 Promar In The News 16th September 2016 British Dairying - Andy Taylor - Clear strategy underpins business development
12/Aug/2016 Promar In The News 12th Aug 2016
29/Jul/2016 Promar In The News 29th July 2016
24/Jun/2016 Promar In The News 24th June 2016 British Dairying – Emma Thompson – European Union – should we stay or should we go?
22/Apr/2016 Promar In The News 22nd April 2016 British Dairying - Andrew Suddes - Brexit - are you in or out?
08/Apr/2016 Promar In The News 08.04.16 Farmers Guardian - Emma Thompson - Swing in semen will effect beef market
31/Mar/2016 Promar In The News 1st April 2016 Farm Business – Garry Kidner – Dairying & a ‘Brexit’ – a clearer picture on EU alternatives needed. British Dairying – James Dunn – Standing still not an option in current climate
26/Feb/2016 Promar In The News 26.02.16 British Dairying – Jonathan Hill – Efficiency and cost control vital to dairy farm’s future. Farmers Guardian – James Dunn – Time to challenge and change business approach.
19/Feb/2016 Promar In The News 19.02.16 West Country Farmer – Peter Brown Accurate data is key to successful dairy expansion
12/Feb/2016 Promar In The News 12th February 2016 Dairy Farmer – Andrew Suddes – Rumbling disease in your herd can depress margin.. Dairy Farmer – Mark Wheeler – Making most of available grants.
05/Feb/2016 Promar In The News 5th February 2016 United News – Bryan Nicholson – presenting Sam Agnew with the Promar Award
22/Jan/2016 Promar In The News 22nd January 2016 Dairy Farmer – Emma Thompson – Are we heading towards a surplus of beef calves?
08/Jan/2016 Promar In The News 8th January 2016 Northern Farmer – Andrew Suddes – Changes loom for Dairy Industry. United News – Bryan Nicholson – Presentation of United Milkminder Farmer of the Year Award. The English Guernsey Cattle Society – James Berry – Collaboration & Leadership will help Dairy Industry survive.
08/Dec/2015 Promar In The News 4th December 2015 Dairy Farmer – Rosina Monk/Richard Hooson – Dynamic testing essential to keep parlour up to the mark
27/Nov/2015 Promar In The News 27th November 2015
23/Nov/2015 Promar In The News 20th November 2015 British Dairying – Andrew Hawkins – Results show benefits of tighter grazing management British Dairying – David Burns – Boosting energy in grass silage diets
01/Oct/2015 Promar Newsletter October 2015 Success in the Next Generation
25/Sep/2015 Promar In The News 25th September 2015 Farm Business Dairy Extra – James Dunn – Time to challenge our thinking.
18/Sep/2015 Promar In The News 18th September 2015 Farmers Guardian – James Dunn – Time to challenge thinking in the UK dairy industry. Midland Farmer – Charles Skelton – silage analysis ‘key to maintaining efficient costs’
15/Sep/2015 Promar In The News 11 September 2015 British Dairying – Emma Thompson – Data drives improvement British Dairying – Andrew Hawkins – Cold August knocks grass growth Midland Farmer – Charles Skelton – Develop five-year plan, dairy farmers advised
04/Sep/2015 Promar in the News 4th September 2015 Dairy Farmer - Andrew Suddes - Check out robustness of your business plan
21/Aug/2015 Promar In The News 21st August 2015 Northern Farmer – James Dunn – Family gives farm access in drive for excellence. British Dairying – Andrew Hawkins – Grass delivers despite variable month.
13/Aug/2015 Promar Newsletter August 2015 Winter Forage Prospects
07/Aug/2015 Promar In The News 7th August 2015 AgriTrade News – James Dunn – Family Win Milkminder Award. British Dairying – James Dunn – Milkminder Manager of the Year. Dairy Farmer – James Dunn – Promar Cup goes to York. British Dairying – James Dunn – Vital to set a five-year plan. British Dairying – Charles Skelton – Battling mid-season conditions. Westcountry Farmer – Peter Brown – Dairy Farmers advised to make a five-year plan. .

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